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Sparsh critical care team is currently the largest group of qualified and trained critical care specialists in the country with more than 70 members providing high end critical care services and has been providing critical care and rehabilitation services in Hyderabad since 2010.

The team initially started with providing first of its kind, complete round the clock-24x7 critical care services with qualified intensivists covering 16 bed MICU, 8 bed SICU and 8 room HDU at Apollo- Secunderabad from 2010-2013. The Sparsh team has provided critical care and outreach services at Continental Hospital (2013-15) and also helped set up the ICUs, standard protocols, training nursing staff and have been an enthusiastic partner of the hospital in getting NABH and JCI accreditation within the first two years of initiation. The team has since been expanding with wider coverage and has been providing its critical care services at large scale in Hyderabad at multiple corporate chain hospitals and stand-alone unit hospitals, members spread across CARE Hospitals, Yashoda hospitals, Zoi hospitals, Sunshine hospitals, Renovo hospitals, Star hospitals, Ozone hospital, Durgabai Deshmukh hospital and expanding its coverage to many newer upcoming hospitals like Omega hospital, Arete hospital and others in Hyderabad.

Many members of the Sparsh team are accredited teachers and examiners for the NBEMS super specialty course DNB (Critical Care Medicine), and various post-doctoral critical care courses offered by Indian Society Of Critical Care Medicine (ISCCM) like IDCCM, IFCCM, CTCCM; nursing courses -IDCCN and advanced respiratory therapy courses- ATRC and FARC. The team members are very active in academics and research and have a cumulative experience of over 300 papers published in indexed national and international journals.

Sparsh team members have organized many workshops on mechanical ventilation, Renal replacement therapy, hemodynamic management, toxicology, POCUS, Advanced life support, and continue to be regular guest faculty at various national and state conferences of Critical Care and Anesthesia. The members have been instrumental in improving the standards and have dissipated the knowledge of critical care to colleagues and students and have also been serving on the executive committees of ISCCM both in Hyderabad and National level.

In true organizational spirit, Sparsh members are also sought for their administrative acumen and regularly serve as chairpersons or as members on various hospital boards like Hospital Infection Control Committee, Audit Committee, Mortality and Morbidity Committee, Patient Care and Quality assurance and sentinel events committee, CPR and code blue team and committee, Blood products transfusions committee, Institutional Ethics and Review Board, Hospital advisory committee and others.

The team has wide experience in ICU designing, planning and have set up, written standard operating protocols, algorithms and management pathways for various newly established ICUs, constantly train nurses, respiratory therapists, dietitians, rehabilitation and social workers and other ancillary team members of the intensive care units. The team also has major experience in scaling of new ICUs in newly established hospital units and have a regular academic calendar for post-doctoral fellows and budding intensivists.

The team has admission privileges at many of the hospital units it covers and caters to severely morbid ICU patients and also provide outreach services with post ICU care in wards and follow up in out-patient critical care clinics and provide rehabilitation guidance and care.
Team members are extremely qualified and work in high load ICUs bringing their expertise in managing severely ill and morbid patients, with multi-organ failure, ARDS, AKI, toxicology, gastro-hepato-biliary, immunological and oncological emergencies, major cardiac, neurological, obstetric, trauma and surgical intensive care with experience in high end care interventions including VA and VV ECMO, ventricular assist devices, CRRT, plasmapheresis, advanced ventilatory modes, prone mechanical ventilation, co-ordinate and facilitate inter-hospital long distance transport of extremely sick patients by road and by air ambulance. 
The Team had been in forefront during the Covid-19 pandemic taking leadership role at various hospital units and has prepped and pivoted roles with rapid reallocation of resources and scaling of critical care areas. The members have had an exhaustive experience of treating thousands of critical covid patients and have been proud of the work we have done leading to best outcomes of severe covid patients on ventilators and ECMOs and have been lauded and have received many accolades and awards over the years.

Welcome to Sparsh Critical Care Team

India's Largest Group Practice

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